What you missed in September

Ogden 1914 is a fresh take on the subscription box.  Serving the Calgary area, you will receive a curated bag of locally sourced goods. 

I really enjoyed putting together September’s #yycgoodybag.  It was sassy, practical, fun, relaxing, and yummy. 

September is a month of back to school, but kids shouldn’t be the only ones with new school supplies.  Self described “Word Nerd,” The Geekery Market left a bold mark with their sassy wood engraved notebooks.  Whether or not they are work appropriate is a matter of opinion, but you’ll still want to show them off to all your friends.  In the event that you want to part with notebook once it’s all used up(!?!), they are 100% recyclable. Check out The Geekery Markets Instagram feed @thegeekerymarket for more laugh inducing notebooks and banners.

eBee Beeswax Wraps is the gorgeous plastic alternative for your lunch and fridge needs.  Not only do the look (and smell) great, but I’ve found that food lasts longer -> no more brown apple slices!!!

Llamicorns, what a perfect union.  A Crafty Wife’s decals don’t leave behind any residue, so if you don’t like the placement, go ahead and put it somewhere else.  An easy way to redecorate without any remorse.

Sweet as Candy.  The smell of pink lemonade drove me crazy in the best way while the Pot O Gold bath bombs were waiting to go out.  Have some fun while getting clean!

Cookies, yes please.  Black Dog Bakery cover’s all your baking needs.  Custom cookies, decorating party, baking kits. Check, check, and check.

If you were introduced to even one new Calgary maker, I did my job.  Stay tuned for what’s next.

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The September bag sounds amazing. Makes me wish I was in your delivery area.

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