November and a Giveaway

In case you haven’t noticed, I like my sass.  And Jaybee Design brings it! These cards are on point, and they are punny.  My Mom never commented on the birthday card I sent her this year (and as she’s reading this she’s wondering what card it was, Hi Mom!), I offer no apologies, only laughter.  So put on your sassy pants and spread some Jaybee Design cheer to your friends and family.


The rest of Novembers bag was less sassy and a little more classy.  Twisted Peak Creations makes gorgeous ring holders to help keep your jewelry organized.  I love that my rings now have their own place instead of having to dig through the earrings.  They’re also perfect for the kitchen to keep your rings safe whether you’re stuffing a turkey or making cookies.

HighTailsYYC makes high quality scrunchies, and I couldn’t agree more.  Subscribers received the softest velvet scrunchies. They look equally great in a top knot or on you wrist.  Check out her Etsy shop for all the patterns!

I’ve slowly been collecting products from APT. 6 Skin Co, and this month we celebrated the magnesium spray.  Magnesium is great for sleep, headaches, and muscle soreness. It doesn’t hurt that the lavender and chamomile both smell great.  Spray it on your body and let the minerals do their work.


Still here?  You’ve found the giveaway!  The prize, the December edition.  Let me know which card you think I sent my Mom for her birthday by commenting below (hint: you'll have to go to Jaybee Design to find it).  Contest closes Sunday, November 17 at 11:59 pm. Winner will be notified by email the following day.  Must live in Calgary or be able to pick up in Calgary to claim the prize.

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I’m guessing the Allsorts one. 🍬


I’m guessing it was the Crazy Plant Lady card! That could leave one speechless….LOL. ;)


Have a rolling good birthday 🎂

Keri Harasym

Your birthday is becoming a real fire hazard


Its a toss up between the plant lady one or the allsorts one so maybe both?!

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