Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there.  Family comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, traditional and non, full of expectations joy and grief, human and furry. No matter where you fit on the realm of motherhood, today is a day to celebrate you.

Though we may be far apart, my mom is always close in my heart. I am lucky to call her a close friend. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Yesterday we delivered a car full of #yycgoodybag's and we are excited that so many went out as gifts to be opened today.  With that said, we know a lot of you mom's couldn't wait and opened yours yesterday!

May checked the Mother's Day gift list with a plant, jewelry, chocolate and a card.

We love are sass, but decided sweet was the way to go for Mother's Day. You Grow, Girl! helped us out with some adorable stamped plant pots potted with little succulents. Yes, they are real plants in these pots. Yes, you need to water them (you know who you are). Check the back of the business card included with your plant for watering instructions to be a good plant mom.

Meyari Jewelry makes stunning textile and brass jewelry, we chose to include earrings in a variety of styles and colours. Just like each and every one of you is unique, every #yycgoody bag went out with a unique pair of earrings!

Almost to pretty to eat, Those Chocolates were a delicious inclusion in this months bag. If you missed out on trying all the flavours yourself because you shared (what were you thinking?!?), Those Chocolates are offering free delivery on orders over $35 (maybe hide them for yourself next time around). 

Maya Corona is a super talented local artist. Her use of bright colours is absolutely stunning. We included some of her floral prints in the way of cards to complete the Mother's Day package. A piece of art, if you don't want to write in it, frame it for your home.

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