January - New Year!

The start of a New Year always feels like a blank slate to me, ready to be filled with all the days ahead.  This year we have 366 days of opportunity in front of us! I have so many plans, big and small for 2020, and I’ll be using the January bag to help get me there.



This month we are welcoming back A Crafty Wife with some ‘be kind’ decals.  Kristin’s decals are that perfect piece of decor because when you are tired of it, all you have to do is peel it off and it’s gone.  There is no sticky residue left behind to deal with. Whether you stick it on your bathroom mirror, above the light switch in your kids bedroom, or on your laptop you’ll want to keep this decal around for a while as a great daily reminder.

All Things Jill is the wholesale manufacturing business and sister company to The Apothecary In Inglewood.  There are so many great products under the house brand at The Apothecary, but I am excited to include not one, but two of their essential oil blends in this months bag.  Brain Boost is being offered in a roller bottle to get you energized in the morning, or help you past that mid-day slump. And a small dropper bottle of Balance, a grounding blend of uplifting oils, pairs wonderfully with the stackable bracelets also included in this month,

Melinda from M. Stahl Creations has created custom stackable bracelets.  January subscribers will be receiving either teal amazonite (with soothing properties) or pink zebra jasper (grounding properties) paired with contrasting lava stone perfect for diffusing your favourite essential oil to get you through the day.  Roll these on gently to keep them in great condition.

Keeping with the aromatherapy theme, bath salts!  The Light Journey creates Reiki blessed botanical bath salt blends.  Recharge was designed to soothe sore muscles and promote wellness. We think this is a great combination for the new year as many of you might have resolutions to start moving your bodies after the food fest that is the holidays.

Planning is an equally important part to your well being to keep from feeling overwhelmed.  Wrinkle and Crease has just the weekly planner to keep you organized and motivated. Fill in your to do’s with places to be and errands to run.  But my favourite part, list the habits you want to work on and check them off for each day they were completed. It’s not a gold star sticker (hello elementary school) but seeing those little check marks add up feels just as good.  And if you really need that gold star, pick up a gold pen and bring your planner game to a new level!

With a clear mind and a little planning, you can do anything.  How are you going to make the most of this year?  

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