Glamorous December

December’s bag was all about understated glamour.


Decadence.  That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Duzu Dates.  Subscribers received a box of the Party Date, two of each of their staple date flavours: decadent date (roasted almond and pink Himalayan salt), cheeky chai date (seeds, hemp, honey, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom), a date with ginger (crystallized ginger) and play date (pistachio, almond, lemon and a hint of lavender).

Duzu Dates has a great origin story.  Founder, Lorena, was on a trip to Dubai, where she sampled dates infused with a variety of nuts and fruits.  After returning home, and devouring the treats she brought back with her, she began her search for the product here.  When Lorena couldn’t find a similar product to get her fix of the guilt-free superfood she set out to make it herself.  And she nailed it! Will you have a favourite or love them all equally?

Her Leather Co. makes so many great leather products.  From jewelry to wallets and purses to knitting accessories, and everything in between.  Elissa hand stitches each piece to perfection using re-purposed leather. We chose to feature a stunning and bold rose gold necklace in the December bag.  The metallic shine is perfect for your holiday parties as well as use throughout the year.

A holiday bag just isn’t a holiday bag without something that clearly says Christmas.  Welcome Glimpse Glass. Each subscriber received a stained glass Christmas tree strung with crystal beads.  The iridescent green glass is so pretty on its own, while the crystal beads make them perfection. Founder, Kara, started creating stained glass pieces 20 years ago while in high school (that is an art class I would have enjoyed!).  Glimpse Glass has become a family affair with a Vancouver Island location creating wholesale orders.  

Did you miss out on the December bag, or just need more of a specific item?  You can find Duzu Dates at Calgary Co-op and Amaranth Whole Foods throughout the city.  Both Her Leather Co. and Glimpse Glass can be found at Ninth and Brick in Inglewood.

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