February - Get Out of Town

February was full of travel goodies.  I know, you were expecting something Valentines/Love themed.  But who doesn’t love to travel 💖



It seems that most of us do not have great passport photos.  While she can’t fix the photo on the inside, Candied Creative can dress up any passport with a gorgeous passport/travel document holder.  FYI, these are no longer available but I have a couple extras for anyone who needs one.

Perfect for traveling or just on-the-go to keep you organized, Briggs S&P makes cord burritos to keep your cables and cords from becoming a tangled mess.  If you have a dog you must check them out as pet accessories are their main focus.

Field Kit creates a couple great travel products.  We decided to include something a little less traditional.  Travel candles! These travel sized tins are perfect for packing with and the scents are absolutely to die for.  While they are great for getting the stank out of a less than perfect hotel, they obviously work well at home too.

Many of you might already be using beeswax wraps in your kitchen, but have you thought about using it while traveling?  Ebee Wraps has made miniature beeswax wraps specifically for your toothbrush. Ditch that grimy ziploc bag or go green. Added bonus, the wraps are so much cuter.

If you don’t follow The Elle Bee Tree, you need to get on it.  There is a plethora of great products that could have been included in the travel theme, but we wanted something unique.  Enter, the hot pocket. Use it as a heat resistant pad while using your styling tool, then roll it up and put your hot tool away without worrying about melting/wrecking whatever else is in your bag.


If you don’t have any travel plans in the near future, these goodies are also perfect for your daily trips to the gym, or at home.  Where will you use your travel goodies?

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